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I make books that are a pleasure to handle, some hefty, some slender, covered in marbled, eco printed and commercial decorative papers. They are made in a peaceful, small bindery by a maker who works for pleasure, in the hope that every book will be filled with the wonderful stuff of your daily life.

All books are hand made with high quality, recycled papers - plain, lined and dotted. Pocket and A5 notebooks, pocket and larger sketch books, mini books and one-offs, most with elastic or ribbon closers. All papers and boards are acid free and recycled using sound environmentally friendly methods.

Designed to be stuck into your pocket, bag or rucksack and taken into the world. They're good for journals, or fill them with ideas, lists, notes and images. Make each book a record of the detail of your life through diary entries, shopping lists, doodles, sums, drawings.

My hope is that by the time you’re done with it, your book will be dog eared and stained, that it will have sand from the beach or twigs from the woods in its pages, that it will be fat with pressed flowers, tickets, receipts, business cards and notes from other people. In short, I hope every book will be well used, and well loved.

“The sacred is in the is to be found in one's daily life...” Abraham Maslow

PS: Please remember these are handmade books, with idiosyncrasies that are highly individual and, I hope, endearing. Don't expect the bland uniformity of mass-produced books x

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